Learn about Mark Holmquist Architect

In learning about Mark Holmquist, you’ll discover that he is an architect who embraces the spheres of both architecture and interior design. He also finds inspiration from the worlds of painting and sculpture. He is just as at home discussing non-structural curtain wall systems as he is about curtains.  

Mark Holmquist has worked in the offices of New York City’s most notable architects and interior designers.

His interdisciplinary approach, however, to design traces back to his formative years at the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in Design of the Environment. The Design of the Environment should not be confused with Environmental Design; it refers to the design of the built environment. It encompasses the decisions people make to influence their spaces and reflect their humanity. Students create two and three-dimensional sculptures, original furniture pieces built by hand, and designs for both interior spaces and buildings. After graduating, Mark continued his studies traveling to Paris to learn about architecture and design.

Upon return, Mark pursued a Master’s in Architecture also at Penn. During his Master’s program, he earned the prestigious Dale’s fellowship, sending him to study Architecture in Rome.

Mark Holmquist’s experience includes both the public and private sectors. He was part of a team, led by the renowned architect Romaldo Guirgola, that designed the Foreign Services Training Institute. Later, acclaimed AD-100 designer Jamie Drake chose him to spearhead design projects sponsored by the Bloomberg Mayoral administration. These included the renovation of Gracie Mansion, New York City Hall, and the NYC Marriage Bureau. Mark’s residential architectural portfolio includes projects in some of the most sought-after Co-op buildings in New York City, such as 720 Park Avenue, 770 Park Avenue, and The Dakota.

Mark Holmquist is a Licensed Architect and a LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional.