Mark Holmquist Architect, PLLC is an Architectural firm based in New York City. Our practice is licensed by the state of New York and we provide Architectural and Interior Design services nationally. We strongly believe that design should mirror our clients, regardless of whether they are a company, a household, or an individual. By collaborating closely with our clients, our firm crafts up-to-the-minute yet timeless environments that are tailor-made.

Co-op and condominium renovations present unique challenges to even seasoned buyers. Moreover, even a knowledgeable owner can run into unnecessary complications and delayed scheduling if the project is not planned and executed well. Our New York architecture firm has thousands of hours of experience with the most demanding and seemingly inflexible co-op and condo boards. Furthermore, Mark has a thorough knowledge of New York City’s rich and diverse ecosystem of design resources.

Architectural design is not just about creating a physical space. It encompasses the strategic planning and functionality of the environment. By understanding the unique needs and goals of your organization, we will tailor the design to optimize workflow and enhance collaboration among employees. In New York City, innovation and creativity thrive. We, as architects, are tasked with meeting aesthetic standards as well as incorporating cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. Our thoughtful consideration of both form and function, will create a workspace that will inspire and support the success of the organization.

When investing in a new home, finding the right architect is key to creating a space that truly fits you. We will incorporate your unique needs and preferences into the design through our collaborative approach. Mark has wonderful expertise in Residential Architecture and Interior Design in New York City and beyond. You can trust in his ability to bring your dream house to life.

Let’s do this.