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When it comes to the latest electrical system approach solution that caters revolutionized trend of power services, VPC Electric is the most trusted service solution of many customers. This is because we already have established a long term commitment to consistently serve high quality of product services to a wider range of customers within and around Spokane.

We deliver full service at a reasonable cost through our tailored planning and approach for any situation-based task at hand. Our team is composed of a pool of experts from various institutions who are well experienced and trained for specific kind of service specializations. Each is well versed with his own field that is why we confidently enrich our very talented and responsive team as we are able to build a clearer dedication to quality service.

CDA Electrician Team Services and Specifications

Whether your concern is about your property, private residence, corporate office, or outdoor venues, we can always assist you with your needs or concerns. We cater to a multitude of electrical works either huge or small type of task which you can request through our guided service specifications as follows.

Our company offers the 24/7 service for emergency tasks in which our CDA electricians can do the field task at any time of the day if you experience a sudden power outage, severe damage to your facility, appliances, or equipment.  We see to it that we handle each task carefully and are always customer based. Based on your reported or required condition, we can precisely plan your needed solution ahead of time or immediately after your contact.

Another service that we have is the residential type of service which involves a massive number of minor tasks relating to home power remedy, upgrade, or installation plans. Some of this minor assistance are panel upgrades, generator installations, customization of outdoor and indoor lighting system for installation, hot tub and pool electrical management, safety inspection and automation of your residence, and of course code correction. Aside from these, we also have surge protection, heaters for bath waters, satellite wiring, and television cabling shop wiring and phone jacks, fan type installations like exhaust and ceiling fans, and landscape lighting.

On the other hand, the commercial type of electrical involvement includes services used for medical facilities, new and retail constructions, and relocations as well as build-outs. Also part of our services is additional lighting type of material for outdoor as well as indoor utilization. Also included in this service are the lighting system upgrades as well as the counter lighting set up.

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For any desired electrical service requests, inquiries, or updates, you may fill out the contact form found at our website with your personal data and message content. The VPC Electric official website is found at Through our site, you can schedule an appointment with our staff or request for any quotation with regards to our service cost. You may also reach us through email using this electronic address: In addition, if you prefer to have an immediate response to your queries or concerns, just call us at 844 715 7233 and we can happily assist you all throughout.

Cda Electrician
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